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Beat the Sun to the Bottom Use Pure Blue Pond Dye

Pure BLUE Pond Dye 

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Pure BLACK Pond Dye

Pure Black Pond Dye 128 1 resized 162Pure Black Pond dye creates a deep-reflective look to any pond. Already popular with many golf courses Pure Blacks' popularity grows every season.

Try a blend of Pure Blue Pond Dye and Pure Black Pond Dye for a deep blue pond.

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Clean-Clear-Blue Pond Treatment ... Pure Blue Pond dye and Beneficial Bacteria

When your water temperature reaches 50 degrees, start using our Clean Clear Blue, a mix of beneficial bacteria and pond dye that will reduce your muck layer while keeping your pond a beautiful blue.
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Pond Dye-Pure Blue Brand by Organic Pond

Beat The Sun To The Bottom

Algae Bloom

Pure Blue Pond Dye helps solve two of the biggest problems a pond owner faces, nuisance aquatic plants and excessive algae. Traditionally, pond owners have relied on herbicides and algaecides to control outbreaks of algae and submerged plants. Copper Sulfate, Diquat, Endothall and Floridone are just some of the chemical treatments many have become dependent using year after year.

Many pond owners are reluctant to use these chemicals due to irrigation restrictions, aquatic species limitations, chemical residues and the fact that chemicals treat a symptom, instead of addressing the problem.

Pure Blue Pond dye is a low cost all natural alternative that can significantly reduce submerged aquatic plant and algae growth. Like all plants, aquatic plants and algae require sunlight and nutrients to flourish. Plants can only grow when sufficient light reaches the bottom of the pond or the "photic zone". If light cannot penetrate the lower layers of the pond plants cannot grow. Limiting light by adding Pure Blue Pond Dye limits the potential for algae and plant growth. Dyes are less effective in shallows, but in many cases the reduction in overall biomass is sufficient for most pond owners. Pond Dyes will not impact emergent plants, such as cattails or floating leaved plants.

The effectiveness of Pure Blue Pond Dye depends the time of year you apply the product, watershed, dosage rates and maintenance schedule. Apply dye early in the spring to prevent germination and limit early season growth. Water exchange is also critical, so if you shed water, you will have to re-treat. Getting the color right is fairly easy as Organic Pond bases our dosage rate on water volume, one gallon will treat 5 Acre Feet or a one acre pond with an average depth of 5 Feet. The key is maintaining the color throughout the season. If you see the color fading-add more dye.

Pure Blue Pond Dye is easy to use, simply pour around the edge of the pond and natural water movements will disperse the dye in 24 hours. Once dispersed the dye will not stain you, your pets or your fish.

You will find that pond dye is easy to use, very effective and earth friendly

What is Pond Dye?

Blue Pond Dye is water-soluble anionic food grade dye. The same class of dye is used to color foodstuffs, ice cream and beverages. Pure Blue Pond Dye is a blend of blue dyes crafted to look like fresh water.

How does Pond Dye Work?

Pond dye is designed to limit the amount of sunlight reaching the lower layers of a pond. Algae, weeds and plants all require sunlight to thrive; by limiting the sun you naturally reduce algae and plant growth.

How much Pond Dye Do I Need?

One Gallon of Pure Blue Pond Dye will treat approximately 1.65 Million gallons of water or a one-acre pond with an averaged depth of 5 feet. Also referred to as 5 Acre Feet.

How Do I Use Pond Dye?

Pure Blue Pond Dye is easy to use. Simply shake well and pour the dye in a few points along the shoreline. Natural water movement will disperse the dye in 12-24 hours.


Pour in several spots along the shoreline. 


24 Hours Later! 


Is Pond Dye Safe?

Pond dye is safe for people, pets, plants, fish and wildlife. Allow the Pond Dye to disperse prior to swimming or irrigating. The Dye is highly concentrated so it will stain prior to dispersion.

Bronte, one of our pond dogs is shown swimming in a test pond. She is still a golden(not blue) retriever.


Will Pond Dye Kill Algae?

Pure Blue Pond Dye is not an algaecide! Existing surface algae or emergent plants will not be impacted by the application of any pond dye.Algae and plants below the photic zone will be starved of sunlight and will eventually perish.

The key to limiting algae is applying the product as early in the spring as possible and keeping the pond tinted throughout the season.

Turning a Brown Pond Blue with Pure Blue Pond Dye

Natural water movement dispersing Pure Blue Pond Dye in three hours

Need Help?

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Customer Reviews

Reviewer: J. Pellerito from Boca Raton, FLORIDA United States 05.26.2009

“Thank You …we have used another popular product for years but were never happy with the color. Your pond dye works just as well and we receive compliments instead of complaints on the color of our ponds. And the best part is, we are saving big bucks with every treatment.”

Reviewer: Anonymous person from Birch Run, MICHIGAN United States 08.26.2009

Great Product! For over 25yrs., I used every pond dye on the market for my pond. This is the best I have ever used.  The pond is the most beautiful blue it has ever been. THANK YOU!”

Reviewer: R. Schafer from Canton, MICHIGAN United States 06.20.2009

“Wow! You have great service and a great product. I’m uncomfortable ordering on line, so it was a pleasure to speak to a knowledgeable human who took my order and gave me some great tips and information. My order arrived the next day and we love the pond dye. Thanks!”

Reviewer:Charlie Wilson from Red Rock, TEXAS, United States 09.15.2009 

I learned more from one phone call to your company than in the 5 years of owning a pond and trying to get a handle on my algae problems. We purchased an aeration system and are using the pond dye and our pond has never looked better. We are actually enjoying the pond …finally.

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