Pond Dye-Pure Blue Brand by Organic Pond

Filter The Sun With Pond Dye

Pure Blue Pond Dye tints your pond a natural blue and helps to filter sunlight. The effectiveness of Pure Blue Pond Dye depends the time of year you apply the product, watershed, dosage rates and maintenance schedule.

Apply dye early in the spring. Maintain a deep blue tint all season long. Water exchange is also critical, so if you shed water, you will have to re-treat. Getting the color right is fairly easy as Organic Pond bases our dosage rate on water volume, one gallon will treat 5 Acre Feet or a one acre pond with an average depth of 5 Feet. The key is maintaining the color throughout the season. If you see the color fading-add more dye.

Pure Blue Pond Dye is easy to use, simply pour around the edge of the pond and natural water movements will disperse the dye in 24 hours. Once dispersed the dye will not stain you, your pets or your fish.

What is Pond Dye?

Blue Pond Dye is water-soluble anionic food grade dye. The same class of dye is used to color foodstuffs, ice cream and beverages. Pure Blue Pond Dye is a blend of blue dyes crafted to look like fresh water.

How does Pond Dye Work?

Pond dye is designed to limit the amount of sunlight reaching the lower layers of a pond. 

How much Pond Dye Do I Need?

One Gallon of Pure Blue Pond Dye will treat approximately 1.65 Million gallons of water or a one-acre pond with an averaged depth of 5 feet. Also referred to as 5 Acre Feet.

How Do I Use Pond Dye?

Pure Blue Pond Dye is easy to use. Simply shake well and pour the dye in a few points along the shoreline. Natural water movement will disperse the dye in 12-24 hours.


Pour in several spots along the shoreline. 


24 Hours Later! 


Will Pond Dye Kill Algae?

Pure Blue Pond Dye is not an algaecide! Existing surface algae or emergent plants will not be impacted by the application of any pond dye.

For best results apply the product as early in the spring as possible. Re-apply after a rain event. Keep the pond tinted throughout the season.

Turning a Brown Pond Blue with Pure Blue Pond Dye

Natural water movement dispersing Pure Blue Pond Dye in three hours