Improving Aquaculture Water Quality

Imagine having the comfort of knowing the farm raised fish and ocean species you buy from the local supermarket are cleaner, healthier and safer to eat than wild fish from lakes, rivers, and oceans. Thanks to Organic Pond LLC, you won’t have to imagine anymore—they have turned this vision into a reality.An optimum water environment is required for success in commercial aquaculture.  This means providing oxygen to marine creatures and controlling the level of contaminants, particularly carbon and nitrogen compounds.  Many factors determine the availability of oxygen in water but without sufficient oxygen, fish growth will be affected.

Organic Pond has developed a range of technologies to help improve water quality. Using a blend of aeration systems, Bio-augmentation(adding beneficial bacteria) and nutrient removal and reduction with Aerie Meta-Bio High Surface Ceramic Biological Media we can restore and maintain the health of your ponds and tanks.


Bio Augmentation-Nutrient & Muck Reduction

PureBacteria ABP & ABL

Aquaculture Blend Liquid


Pure Bacteria ABP-23T Aquaculture Blend Powder and Pure Bacteria ABL Aquaculture Blend Liquid are all-natural blends of probiotic organisms that remove or neutralize pollutants in aquaculture. ABP-23T is designed to work in large outdoor aquaculture operations and ABL is designed to work in larvae hatchery and for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.

  “Since using the Organic Pond Pure Bacteria Liquid Blend, our FCR has improved 24%; our mortality rates have dropped 63%, and we have had a 78% reduction in ammonia spikes. It has made our recirculating systems much easier to manage and a lot more predictable than they were with our Aquaculture Blend Powderprevious bacteria. All it takes is adding the measured amount once a week to each system and it keeps the water looking beautiful and the fish happy. It improves aeration efficiency by quickly breaking down the organic load that is in the system. Our fish handle better while harvesting and look better when they get to live markets.”, said Matt Godbee, Production Manager at Weissinger Lakes, Inc.

At we blend strains of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that are selected for their dynamic enzyme production capabilities.  This blend produces critical amylase, cellulase, lipase, urease and protease, extracellular enzymes essential to the degradation of various organic compounds including proteins, starches, carbohydrates, cellulose, urine, fats, oils, greases and other organic substances. So fish waste, decaying algae, excess feed, leaves and other organic matter are digested and the nutrient load feeding weed and algae growth is reduced.

Each lot of pureBacteria AB comes with a guarantee of stringent quality control procedures that ensure high count, viability, stability and safety.  The microbial strains are:

Bio-Augmentation Supports Optimal Production

  • Reduces Operating Expense

  • Improved yields

  • Improved feed efficiency 

  • Reduced incidence of infection, sickness and mortality

  • Reduced off-flavor product

 Reduces Environmental Impact

  • Reduced water discharge volume

  • Improved water discharge quality

  • Reduced energy use

Aerie Bio-Media

Nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, phosphorus and hydrogen are essential for all living organisms.  These combine to form the amino acids, nucleic acids and the like that are part of the protein molecules contained in the food consumed; however in a healthy environment, excess food and waste products need management.

NitrificationNitrates need to be oxidized & nitrates broken down to nitrogen gas. 

Solution...Aerie BIO Media

Aerie Bio Media provides a unique porous ceramic that provides exceptionally high surface area to support colonies for microbial and probiotic water treatment.  Organic Pond provides bacteria especially suited for aquaculture applications that have been proven to be particularly effective for removal of carbon compounds, both in water and in sediment. 

Aerie biofiltration media can be made in different shapes and sizes, allowing flexibility for use in aquaculture systems.

Ammonia and nitrites are highly toxic, so bacteria are used to oxidize these into less harmful nitrates. Nitrates can then be broken down to form nitrogen gas. Protein from food is the primary source of toxic compounds, since most food sources used in aquaculture average 40% protein content by weight, which is comprised of approximately 5.6% nitrogen.

Aerie Bio Media

  • High Surface Area allows many more bacteria colonies
  • Media – Ideal for bacteria growth
  • Multiple Colonies can Develop
  • Aerobic, Heterotopic, Autotrophic
  • Room for biofilms without plugging
  • DN Media use sulfur & aragonite buffer
  • Sulfur provide electrons to bacteria
  • Carbonate stabilizes pH
  • Bacteria growth remains strong
  • Operates with Low C/N ratio

Meta Close Up

Meta Porous MediaMeta Porous Media close upMeta Porous Media With Coating

Aerie Bio Porous Media Magnified-Third image is Coated 

Multiple bacteria colonies can be supported on the high surface area BIO-media. Oxidizing bacteria populate the surface layers of the media, while inside where oxygen is depleted, denitrifying heterotrophic bacteria can exist to break down nitrates. Absorption Aeration with its micro bubbles that remain in the water longer transfer more oxygen to the water and this enhances media effectiveness by allowing larger colonies to work at their fullest capacity and continually resupply bacteria to the surrounding water. Effectiveness is increased further when special microbial and probiotic bacteria, such as available from Organic Pond are utilized. Both aquaculture and industrial waste water systems benefit from this combined approach. 

  • Aquaculture systems benefit from the combination of Absorption Aeration, BIO-media and Organic Pond’s Aquaculture Blend of Pure Bacteria. The expected results are:
  • Faster Growth of marine creatures
  • Larger populations supported 
  • Lower feeding rates
  • Less contaminated water being discharged
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Bottom Diffused Aeration

Vertex bottom aeration systems provide a beneficial and cost effective method of improving both the water quality of your pond and it's overall health. 

The Vertex aeration system consists of a small shore mounted compressor (1/3-1hp), feeding a
Vertex Airstationconfiguration of self-cleaning flexible membrane diffusers. Positioned on the bottom, each diffuser station produces millions of small 500-1000 micron sized bubbles, creating a slow moving current that entrains the entire water column providing aeration through surface contact. Designed to be both energy efficient and cost effective, Vertex Aeration Systems can aerate up to an 18 Acre lake with as little as 2/3 hp! With low monthly operating costs, low maintenance (self-cleaning diffusers), and no potentially dangerous electricity in the water, we think this is the perfect aeration system.

Aeration naturally restores the health of a pond by introducing oxygen and circulation to the entire water column. Stagnation is replaced by a column of bubbles capturing oxygen at the surface and allowing an exchange of toxic gases for oxygen. A convection current is generated bringing oxygen to the lower layers. Naturally occurring aerobic bacteria are energized by the introduction of oxygen and a natural biological cleaning process begins to reduce the muck layer and subsequent plant and algae growth. Studies have demonstrated a doubling of water clarity, muck reduction measured in inches per season and healthy dissolved oxygen levels at all water depths.

Ponds, lakes, fish farms come in all sizes, depths, shapes, material construction and oxygen requirements, so how do you know what aeration system is best for your application? If you are like 75% of our customers and have a 1/2 acre to 3 acre pond with a round or oval shape, check out our complete packages on the left. We give you a complete product, ready to install, everything included. 

For the 25% with ponds that are over 3 acres, high Biological Oxygen Demand, have irregular shapes or bottom topography, let us help you with a solution. We can measure ponds from a satellite in most parts of the world and can map and specify an aeration solution. We have designed systems that range from a 200 Acre Lake to a backyard swimming pond, so let us help you build a system that is designed for you.  

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vertex Large Lake Cabinet with sound kit


XL5 resized 600Bottom Line Tubing



Ecuador Shrimp Farm Aeration Installation Organic Pond

Installation 30 Acre Shrimp Farm